The next stop on our trip was to an island called Lindau. Since we’re right in the middle of Europe nowhere near the coastline, it seems odd that there would be such a large island. It’s actually on a massive freshwater lake (Lake Constance) that is the border for Germany, Austria and Switzerland in that area.

We stopped to have some lunch in the medieval town centre (first written mention in the late 800’s) and to see the port which has a statue of a lion and Bavaria’s only lighthouse! It is exceptionally pretty and hard to believe it’s on a lake. There was a bit of a festival and gathering of some sort when we were there, so it had all it’s tourist airs and graces on.

IMG_6432  IMG_6473 IMG_6485 IMG_6478 IMG_6465IMG_6456IMG_6441 After our lunch (schnitzel of course), we headed off to the famous Black Forest. We were staying the night in a town called Triberg – home to the world’s largest cuckoo clock!

Driving through the Black Forest was amazing and the little town (with only 5,000 locals) is very cute. The hotel we stayed at was fantastic and we even had dinner at a restaurant – that had it been anywhere else would have been cheesily over-the-top German.

We took a few photos before settling in for the night, vowing to see the waterfall in the morning since it’s one of the largest in Germany!

IMG_6498 IMG_6499  IMG_6513 IMG_6516IMG_6512Tomorrow the Triberg waterfall and then off to Switzerland!

The only disappointment for the day was that I had not yet sampled REAL Black Forest Cake….



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