This morning we left Geneva and headed out early to cross the Swiss/French/Italian border. To do this, you basically drive through kilometres of tunnels UNDER the giant mountains of the Alps. We stopped to check out some of the mountains and get some photos before crossing through. We also got some great shots looking back at the Alps from Italy!

IMG_7244 IMG_7383 IMG_7349 IMG_7340 IMG_7336 IMG_7298 IMG_7273 IMG_7265

After driving UNDER magnificent mountains, we found ourselves – only a couple of hours later – in the Italian city of Milan. It was our first experience in Italy and the fashion city did not disappoint!

IMG_7389  IMG_7416  IMG_7393IMG_7454   IMG_7453 IMG_7450 IMG_7460 IMG_7482IMG_7500  IMG_7429  IMG_7410IMG_7412

Milan was spectacular and not really what we had expected, but we spent the whole day there enjoying the atmosphere and beautiful weather. Speaking of weather – tomorrow will be about enjoying the sun and water in Lake Como!



  1. It is! I was there for a Celtic Champions League match years ago and we all hung out drinking steins at a bar on the corner of it. Some of the Celtic fans climbed up inside it and sang the football songs out onto the square where all the other fans were. It looks spectacular at night too xx

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