This morning the view across San Marino from our hotel room was non-existent as the fog was so dense!


We had a reasonable amount of distance to travel today so decided to leave San Marino, avoid highways and take our time. What resulted is something we will always laugh about but it was also a big lesson to not trust the in-car navigation system!

We were enjoying a beautiful drive for a couple of hours until we reached a turn that would send us down an unsealed road. It looked to be in pretty good condition and it was wide enough – we’ll give it a go we said…. Well about half way through the road narrowed, the road deteriorated and pretty soon we were off roading! We couldn’t turn back – there was no room for that and as we negotiated a particularly large crevice in the road, we paused near the gate of a property where a particularly nasty looking guard dog paced the fence daring us to get out. In fact, he looked like he was measuring up ready to jump the fence and attempt entry to the car via Bec’s window. Ok so he probably wasn’t, but it made the experience more hilarious as not only were we negotiating a terrible road but now we were in danger of being mauled by dogs 🙂

Finally we saw a clearing and as we turned the corner to join the never to be taken for granted again asphalt, we got our first glimpse of our destination – Assisi.

IMG_8769Assisi is an old walled city much like San Marino but on a much larger scale and also much older.

IMG_8771 IMG_8806IMG_8779 IMG_8834

It’s well known that Assisi was the birth place of St Francis, the main church the Basilica of San Francesco is the main attraction. Its construction began shortly after his canonisation and completed in 1253.

IMG_8798 IMG_8799IMG_8800

Inside the Basilica is just beautiful and full of history, unfortunately photos are forbidden, but Bec really wanted pictures for her Mum so she sneakily took some with her iPhone.

image_2  image_3 image_4 image_5 image image_1

Assisi is challenging to walk around, it’s all up and down steep hills, we were very happy that we had made arrangements to stay in the city overnight so we didn’t have far to go at the end of the day. Another bonus of this arrangement was that we could sit and relax and watch the sunset over the church.

IMG_8796 IMG_8865IMG_8873

There were other beautiful buildings including the Roman Temple of Minerva in the Piazza del Comune.

IMG_8820 IMG_8823

And another absolutely gorgeous church the Cathedral of San Rufino.

IMG_8839 IMG_8825   IMG_8841 IMG_8844We finished the day with some fantastic red wine and pasta – when in .. Assisi right 🙂



  1. Wow, so many churches, so many castles…………..incredible photos, good to see you both look so well. Love from mum Siebert.

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