We got up early and headed to downtown Naples, which is a little scary to be honest so we were glad we drove. With the car tucked away safely in a parking garage, we headed off to see the sites of the ancient buried city of Pompeii.

It was a beautiful clear day and was heading for around 40 degrees in the centre of the city so we were glad we started early. Once we paid to get in and negotiated our way around the bus loads of other tourists, we walked through a gate and went back over two thousand years into the past.

The first thing we noticed when we came through the gate was a sort of sports field. As you can see in the picture below, it was huge and they’ve let the grass grow back. Behind it was a massive amphitheatre which they still use today for performances. The next thing we saw was a temple ruin that was just so detailed.

IMG_9073 IMG_9089 IMG_9242 IMG_9106

After seeing these amazing things as soon as we walked in, we spent the next couple of hours just wandering among ruins. Everything was so alien and different, yet somehow familiar. It was just unbelievable to think we were walking around the same city that people were walking around so long ago as if we were there with them.

IMG_9107 IMG_9148 IMG_9240   IMG_9114 IMG_9125 IMG_9094

One of the most amazing things we saw was the roads. It was great to understand the little things about how they lived – how the houses and shops were right on the edge of the road, that they had foot paths, that they had drinking fountains and best of all, you could see the actual gouges in the road from the carts that they pulled through the city!

IMG_9130 IMG_9141 IMG_9145  IMG_9229

In the main area of Pompeii there is a large open courtyard type of thing. I think it may have been a market place. On one side there is a series of sheds that have items found during the excavation. These included plaster casts of bodies they found – which was quite eerie to be looking at! In the background of the photos below, you can see Mt Vesuvius lurking ominously…

IMG_9175 IMG_9171  IMG_9183 IMG_9189  IMG_9166

One of the most spectaular things we saw was a bath house. This was a place were rich men gathered and bathed together – kind of like a day spa. The opulence that is still able to be seen was mind blowing. The carvings and statues and plaster work – amazing!

IMG_9209 IMG_9210

Another couple of insights that we got was into the way the locals lived back then, through a home and a shop.

The house was amazing in that it showed exactly how the walls would have looked in a wealthy person’s house. The walls were all brick (as you can see everywhere) but on the inside they plastered over the bricks and then painted murals! On the floor there were mosaic tile pictures as well. So fascinating.


The shop that we saw was a bakery. You could clearly see the stone device that they used to crush the wheat into flour for baking. The oven also doesn’t look that different from a modern day open pizza oven!


Overall, we had an amazing time and wished we had paid for a personal guide to find out more. We have made a promise to ourselves to watch some documentaries and research more about this fantastic place when we get home.

Since it was getting really hot and not many buildings had a roof to provide shade, we left around lunch time and headed off to a beautiful sea side village….



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