Monday, 28th July

As mentioned yesterday we had strategically chosen a place to stay outside of Gothenburg, so this morning after experiencing an ‘interesting’ breakfast 🙂 we set off really excited as we would be seeing much of the Swedish country side.

First stop however was to check out Aspen Lake, it was literally 2 minutes from the hotel and a great start to the day. We started to see what was to become a trend of people walking for exercise carrying their ski poles……

IMG_0854 IMG_0862 IMG_0866

Our next stop was one that Keith had magically woven into the itinerary 🙂 yes it was definitely on the way but only a true SAAB tragic would ensure he visited the SAAB factory in Trollhatten 🙂


So after the giddy school boy got that out of his system on we went to Norway.

The Swedish country side was absolutely gorgeous, so many beautiful lakes and forests. Some of the most cherished items we have purchased since arriving in Europe are a 12 volt kettle that connects to the cigarette lighter and a coffee plunger (we’re living out of a car people, these are luxury items 🙂 ). We have really enjoyed being able to pull up anywhere and have a decent coffee with some of the most incredible vistas in the world – check out the photo below of today’s coffee stop.

IMG_0961IMG_0876 IMG_0885 IMG_0887  IMG_0925  IMG_0933  IMG_0975IMG_0932  IMG_0965

Everyone has been on one of those road trips where the road signs promise strange and/or interesting wildlife ahead (years ago we were travelling in QLD and never ever saw a single Cassowary despite the 1000 signs warning us of our impending collision with one), so after seeing signs for deer all day, we were super super excited to see some grazing on the side of the road 🙂


When planning our trip we’ve had to on occasion throw in a town to ensure that the GPS allows us to go the way we want, Drobak was an example of this and oh my goodness what an amazing place! So beautiful in 30 degree weather to sit on the waterside and enjoy some incredible local caught fish and chips for lunch.

IMG_1011 IMG_1038IMG_0998  IMG_1010   IMG_0989

The strangest thing about travelling through Europe has been literally driving through a small sign that tells you that you’re now in another country! If you miss the sign then it’s usually the road signs that change language that give it away or the houses. For us it was the Norwegian border police. Keith was really clever and as soon as the policeman got to the window of the car he said ‘Hi mate how’s it garn?’, hahaha I cringed but the policeman’s smile was gold. He asked where we were going and then after telling us to have ‘A wonderful trip’, waved us through. It’s often awesome being an Aussie overseas 🙂

We only saw a little of Norway before arriving at our accommodation but what we did see was incredible. The houses are all either red or yellow, we have no idea why but are theorising that perhaps it would make them easier to see in the snow???

New road signs promising ‘Moose’ was a reason to get excited! However by the time we got to our accommodation it was Moose count zero 😦

HUGE trip tomorrow so early night for us after an awesome day.IMG_1047 IMG_1060 IMG_1076 IMG_1088Signature

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