Friday, 25th July

After a dramatic sunset the night before, we knew today would be a great day. And it was a bit of a special day for Keith.


After leaving Hamburg, we headed towards the German/Danish border. On the way is a little town in Northern Germany called Wacken (pronounced Varken). Every year since 1990 there has been a massive heavy metal festival that goes for three or so days and features heaps of top name bands in metal. They usually draw on average 75,000 people to participate in the concert each year.

Since we didn’t have our plans set early enough, Wacken 2014 was sold out, but we managed to be going past about a week before the concert started. We called in to see what the place was like, take some photos and buy some merch! Can you believe there was even a WOA (Wacken Open Air [Concert]) branded cow?

IMG_0317  IMG_0302IMG_0304

After calling in briefly, we stopped in at a town called Horsens in Denmark to say hi to an old friend of ours – Tina! Not only did she make time to catch up with us, but also went to the trouble of creating us a traditional Danish Smorrebrod, it was absolutely delicious 🙂 Tina’s daughter Hannah had made an amazing chocolate cake and Tina packed us up some to enjoy when we reached Copenhagen. It was so wonderful to see Tina and Hannah, meet Tina’s mum and lovely neighbour and enjoy relaxing in the sunshine.

After leaving Tina’s place, we headed on to Copenhagen. We arrived too late to be too excited, but will have millions of photos from tomorrow!


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