The Peak, Hong Kong – During the Day

As mentioned in our previous post being able to pick the right day to visit the Peak is a luxury we’ve had whilst based in Hong Kong for a bit. The Fog and smog coming across from mainland China can often mean the view from The Peak is disappointing. This handy link to a webcam that streams live footage from The Peak makes it easy to identify whether it’s the right time to visit. The Peak Webcam.

We decided to explore The Peak area a little more extensively by taking a taxi to the top of Victoria Peak Gardens via Mount Austin Road. It is possible to walk up to the Gardens, however if you’re short of time, short of fitness or just want to enjoy a leisurely walk down to The Peak Galleria then the taxi option is a good one.

It’s a beautiful spot, the gardens are well maintained and the view from here is lovely. The Mount Austin Playground is lovely and a great spot for a picnic or to take a rest before making the rest of the way down to The Peak Galleria.                                                                        Across the road from the The Peak Galleria is a great cafe called The Peak Lookout. It gets very busy so you’d be lucky to get a table without reservation unless visiting early. We can recommend the Tiramisu 😉

There are lots of other food options across the road in the main Galleria/Tower buildings, it’s a nice place to spend a few hours when visiting the Peak.  Whilst there is a free viewing platform the Sky Terrace is, we believe, the best vantage point. It costs $50HK per person and the 360 degree views make it value for money. A fun way back down from the Peak to Central is via the Peak Tram. You can use your MTR Octopus card to pay for your trip and it’s quite the experience going down – backwards!

This is a popular tourist activity, both going up to the Peak and back down, and our advice is to be early, especially if you plan to use it to go to the Peak from Central. As the photos below indicate, the line up around lunch time on a Saturday were incredible – we were pleased not to be stuck waiting!                                                      

Destination: China Hong Kong

The Peak, Hong Kong – At Night

For months now we’ve been waiting and hoping with fingers crossed for a perfect fog and smog free night, to get some great pictures from The Peak at sunset and night.

This incredibly handy link to a webcam that streams live footage from The Peak has made it super easy to do so The Peak Webcam.

A quick check of the webcam confirmed our suspicions that after a stunning day it was indeed the perfect evening to dash up to The Peak. We were incredibly lucky as the number 15 bus that travels along Queens Road East in Wan Chai all the way to the Peak Galleria is only a 5 minute walk from our apartment.

The sequence of four photos below were taken from Bec’s iPhone. The view is from the Peak Sky Terrace, entry is $50HK each and whilst there is a free public viewing platform, we believe the Terrace is the best option to see the view.

The next group of photos Keith took from our Cannon Camera as the sun was setting, looking across Hong Kong Island toward Kowloon.

And finally after sunset, the lights and skyline of Hong Kong come alive.  


Destination: China Hong Kong