Thursday, 25th September

We awoke to a grizzly grey day in Glasgow. Since it wasn’t a very nice day for sighting and we had a long trip ahead of us, we ventured out early.

For the Ireland leg of our journey, we had to catch a ferry across from Scotland to Belfast. We arrived at the ferry terminal in Troon (Scotland) early and found a place to have some breakfast. Once loaded up, we sat in the special VIP lounge for the trip.


The ferry trip was very quick, arriving in Larne (Northern Ireland) two hours later. We were blown away by how organised the whole process was of getting us and our car across the water. It was quick, efficient and very well managed.

It took an hour from the ferry terminal to arrive in Belfast. We checked into our hotel, which was quite central and once settled we planned our walking itinerary for the day.

The walk ended up being huge covering a large part of the city. We loved the old buildings but there is so much character in a small space, it almost seems like the buildings are keeping their granduer secret.

A building on College Square.


Assembly Buildings Conference Centre was built in 1905 as the headquarters of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland.

IMG_4230 IMG_4229

City Hall and City Hall’s Garden of Remembrance.

IMG_4239 IMG_4251

St Annes Cathedral.

IMG_4268 IMG_4273 IMG_4275

After 82 days of walking, Bec’s Converse finally had to be retired. So we did some retail therapy in the main shopping mall and grabbed some replacements.

We headed back to the hotel, dropped of our shopping and made our way to the conveniently located pub across the road for dinner.


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