Thursday, 18th September

It’s fair to say that we absolutely fell in love with Paris yesterday. Today however, we had planned a day trip to nearby Versailles. A little further out, but worth the trip, was a chateau that is quite famous and the focal point of the small village of Dreux in the middle of rural France – the Chateau d’Anet.

IMG_2797 IMG_2836 IMG_2790 IMG_2826  IMG_2829

There may have been an ulterior motive to visit the chateau… yes, it was the setting of another Bond movie. This time it was Sean Connery who flew from the balcony of the chateau using a jet pack! Below is the photo from the movie, then the actual balcony itself.bondFrance2 IMG_2838

Versailles is a quaint village – not very large, but very old. We wondered around the streets and stopped for lunch in a small park, and coffee in a small cafe. The only thing that wasn’t small was the Palace of Versailles which had massive gardens and is the main reason that people visit this town.

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After our little outing we headed back to the apartment in Paris and had ourselves a little nanna nap 🙂 We had planned to go out later that night, as we just had to see the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe at night.

We decided to have dinner at a restaurant recommended by Julien – Un Zebre A Montmarte. It turned out that the restaurant was up the hill from the Moulin Rouge so we managed to tick that off the list as well.

The restaurant was a great recommendation because the food, wine and service were all outstanding. Due to the required walk up a hill, the restaurant managed to not be overcrowded with tourists or suffer from tourist prices. We enjoyed an amazing meal, drank wine from the Medoc region of Bordeaux (which we had been to!) and fell hopelessly in love with Paris all over again!!

IMG_2858 IMG_2860un-zebre-a-montmartreBy the time we had left the restaurant it had become quite dark and it was great to see the Moulin Rouge lit up.IMG_2863It was well worth the numerous train rides to see these two famous landmarks, they looked so different at night, it was spectacular.IMG_2871 IMG_2874


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