Friday, 11th July – Heidelberg to Frankfurt

Another early start and we headed off to Frankfurt. We decided to skip the highways given how much we enjoyed driving the scenic route to Heidelberg. It was the most gorgeous two hour drive through country Germany although, a bit weird driving through forests with huge fir trees as opposed to gums.

Our hotel in Frankfurt was about 15 minutes outside the city. The forecast was for storms in the afternoon so we decided to grab a taxi and save time trying to negotiate public transport. The first thing we did was walk down Mainkai Street and across the Elsemer Steg (Bridge).

Frankfurt is a city, which like Luxembourg, has embraced its historical architecture and tradition. The old buildings are well kept and restored regularly. The view of seeing old traditional buildings against the backdrop of new skyscrapers was a bit surreal. It was pretty special in the Markt as we saw two weddings taking place.

We stumbled upon the Kleinmarkthalle. It’s an amazing fresh produce market and we bought some traditional german bread, fresh leg ham and some cheese for our breakie tomorrow.

After drooling over all the different types of strudels, we made our way to the Stock Exchange or Borse. It’s an incredible building. There were heaps of people out having lunch in the sun drinking wine. These Frankfurters have their priorities right!

The Old Opera House or Alte Oper was an amazing building and so huge!

On our drive through Germany we saw much celebration in anticipation of their team securing a place in the World Cup Final. We also saw some funny stuff in Frankfurt.We got back to the hotel just in time to miss getting caught in a terrific thunderstorm.


  1. Thats cool! I’m guess I would have been drooling over the strudels too….no photos of them for me to drool over??? Lol
    Germany would definately be pumping now with the World Cup result!!

    1. Hey Lozz, the pic of the bakery has bread up the top and the shelf below is ALL Strudel 🙂 We actually left Germany for The Netherlands on the day the final was played, probably a good thing as they go a bit mad!

    1. Hey Becks, glad you’re enjoying reading the updates. We love typing them because we get to go back through all the photos 🙂 Hope you’re all well, when we were in Frankfurt we saw 3 sets of twins!! Big hugs to you all xoxoxoxoxoxo

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