Sunday, 13th July – Cologne to Zoetermeer

Today we made our way out of Germany to The Netherlands. We will return to criss cross through Germany a number of times. Heading to Dusseldorf we drove through and saw only a little of Cologne – a destination we will most definitely have to try to revisit again.IMG-8123

Arriving pretty early in Dusseldorf on a Sunday morning meant that we were able to look around without a lot of other tourists. Dusseldorf was a lot bigger than we had expected. The town centre is nearly all cobbled streets and appears very traditional. We saw many locals dressed in traditional uniform/costume for Sunday services.


After a quick coffee we began our journey to The Netherlands. We are staying in an apartment in Zoetermeer, centrally located to Rotterdam, The Hague and Leiden.

Not checking in until later in the evening we used the afternoon to walk around and check out Rotterdam. First stop the Euromast Tower. This is an observation tower that looks over the entire city and stands approximately 101 metres tall. We decided to fork out the steep 10 Euro per person entry fee to see the view. We had no idea once reaching the very top you sit in the ‘dish’ and it spins around for 360 degree views. It was a bit like a roller coaster, spinning and dropping at times. It was fantastic and the views were amazing but at times scared the ‘Bejeebers’ out of Bec!IMG-8239IMG_8253

After our roller coaster experience on the Euromast Tower we went for a walk through the park across the road and had some lunch. On the way back to the car we noticed that some daredevils were actually abseiling down the Tower.IMG-8357IMG-8358

As we will be in the same spot for a few days, we spent some time in a huge supermarket getting supplies for some home cooked meals.

We met the owners of the apartment we’re staying in. It was an interesting experience as we only spoke English and they only spoke Dutch. We then settled in for the night with a bottle of red and had a good nights sleep.


  1. Nice, I’m finally caught up again! It’s a great late night read before bed. Maybe you Could add a pic or two of you guys there as well??

  2. Amazing photos, love the one with the people dangling from the tower……… now hope you have worked out who is spencer77….!

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