Saturday, 26th July – Copenhagen

Planning has played a key part of our trip enabling us to make the most of the time we have to see and experience as much as possible. Since we had a lot to see today, we made a list of things to see based on research prior to our trip. Destinations on today’s itinerary:

Copenhagen City Hall (Also called the Radhus)IMG_0331

Radhuspladsen (The market plaza at the front of the City Hall building)IMG_0344

Nyhavn (strip of cafes and restaurants on the canal front)IMG_0464

Kongens Nytorv (The King’s Square – also a central market place of the old city, but which is unfortunately under major construction work at the moment)IMG_0461

The Little Mermaid statue (Probably the most famous of all Danish landmarks, based on the story by Hans Christian Andersen, popularised by Walt Disney)IMG_0569

There are also obviously times that don’t go to plan and those also bring about some of the best experiences as well. For example, that time when it poured rain and we were forced to take shelter at Princess Mary’s house!

The first picture is the church near her house (Frederiks Church), the second her courtyard. The next two pictures are where she actually lives and her tinny if she should ever decided to throw a line in the harbour.IMG_0527IMG_0502 IMG_0506IMG_0529

Here are some other great sights of Copenhagen such as the Tivoli Gardens, Hans Christian Andersen Statue and busy Saturday mornings on a beautiful summer day.IMG_0339IMG_0343 IMG_0358 IMG_0380IMG_0386IMG_0426IMG_0417

After a few beers in the sun and some fish and chips, we decided to call it a day and headed back to were we are staying. Then we had a small nap before having dinner. I know, I know, it’s a hard life!

Oh, and I almost forgot! For you Lozz – Danish danishes!IMG_0368


  1. Instilled getting over the excitement that you got to see Princess Mary’s house, and then you show me real Danish Danishes!!! How good is that!! Love it!! Thanks for thinking if me!! Xxx

  2. Lozz, you know that I said to Bec – “Wait, I need to get a picture to make Lozz jealous!” 🙂

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