We woke this morning to a terrific thunder storm with loads of lightening and heavy rain, we had looked at the forecast last night and knew it was going to be all over before 10am. So we enjoyed a lazy morning watching the storm and eating breakfast. Another positive – the car was now washed!

With the storm over and a bright sunny day ahead of us we caught the bus into Stockholm – we’re staying in an apartment about 15 minutes outside the city.

Stockholm is beautiful and we enjoyed strolling through the city, the warm weather and breeze from the water set us up for a perfect day.

IMG_2371 IMG_2386

IMG_2407 IMG_2462

IMG_2504 IMG_2517


IMG_2554 IMG_2464

One of our favourite spots was the City Hall it’s an impressive building situated on the water. It’s a relatively new building by Europe standards, construction began in 1911 and it was officially opened in 1923.

IMG_2383 IMG_2417 IMG_2436

IMG_2423 IMG_2444


The Parliament Building and gate to the downtown shopping district was incredible. We skipped the shopping, it was so busy! So we headed toward the Royal Palace.


The Royal Palace was pretty bland in contrast to the other amazing buildings in Stockholm, Mary’s palace in Denmark was definitely more impressive.



After a long day of walking around in the sun we headed back to the apartment for a couple of cold ciders.

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