Wednesday, 6th August – Lubeck to Greifswald

We awoke to a beautiful sunny day in Lubeck, Germany. We stayed at a hotel that was only a 20 minute walk from the centre of the old town, so we wandered down to grab some breakfast and have a look around. Lubeck is amazing and definitely on the favourites list. These places that we have randomly picked as halfway points in our trip are turning out to be just as amazing as the planned stops in bigger more well known cities.


There was a church in the middle of the old town that had an amazing story behind it. We couldn’t resist taking some photos. The Devil himself even posed with us for a selfie! Read the story of the building of the church – we loved it!IMG_2915IMG_2921IMG_2920IMG_2917

On the drive to Greifswald (our next stop on the journey) we needed to stop for lunch and so Bec said the magic words – “You’d think you could get a schnitzel in Germany!” Sure enough, around the next corner was the town of Neubukow and a Schnitzel and Steakhouse at the local hotel. We stopped and had amazing meals, took a few photos and then headed on to Griefswald.


We’ve been staying in AirBnb places for a lot of the trip and for the most part have had no real problems. However, this time there was a big communication gap, language barrier and lack of information which lead us on a bit of a treasure hunt to find the place we were staying in. We eventually did find it and dropped our gear off then went to explore Greifswald a little.IMG_3003IMG_3009IMG_3004IMG_3015

As it started to move toward dark we decided it would be a good idea to grab a drink and some food. The local waterfront was not far from our accommodation so we wandered down to the most amazing place to spend a balmy evening. The guy that served us our drinks (from his boat) was really nice and came over and chatted to us as he was cleaning up.IMG_3046IMG_3057IMG_3051

The whole vibe was great and a fantastic end to the day. Tomorrow we have a huge drive on to Poland.


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