Tuesday, 26th August – Venice

And then there was that time we went to a city that had streets made out of water. It sounds crazy, cliche and a little farfetched, but that is exactly what Venice is like. And the traffic is hectic! There are little barges running around on the waterways doing whatever it is they do. Of course there are walkways in between the buildings, but the water ways seem to be the main way to transport things.

IMG_8258IMG_8414IMG_8296IMG_8241IMG_8281 IMG_8309IMG_8493 IMG_8299IMG_8452

Overall, Venice is a wonderful city that just doesn’t seem real, even where you are actually there. The buildings are all really big with the waterways in between them so you never know what might be around the corner. Venice also has to be the easiest city in the world to get lost in! There are amazing sites tucked away and hard to find – like the Rialto Bridge (above).

One of the most popular locations is the Piazza San Marco. It has an amazing church, observation tower and a massive palace. It was also the setting for the famous James Bond gondola scene.

IMG_8328IMG_8329IMG_8330 IMG_8332IMG_8347 IMG_8347IMG_8369  IMG_8492IMG_8378IMG_8349

There are also amazing little churches nestled away all through the streets – like this one below.


Speaking of churches, the Santa Maria della Salute is massive! You can almost see it from anywhere in Venice. It’s located on the Grand Canal and is spectacular both inside and out.


One thing that did open our eyes in Venice was in relation to a new trend that has emerged over the years – the padlock on the bridge. People buy padlocks with their names written or engraved on it and lock it on a bridge in a romantic location like Venice. The problem is that the weight of these locks are actually causing bridges to collapse! Venice is now actively removing the padlocks (as seen in the photo below) and there are campaigns to ask people to stop doing it. There have been monuments built specifically to hang padlocks on, to avoid historical bridges becoming damaged due to this new trend.


All in all, we had an amazing time and are still pinching ourselves that we actually went to Venice!

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