Monday, 1st September – Sorrento to Rome

We’d had an amazing time on the Amalfi Coast but today we were super excited for the next stop in our Italian itinerary – Rome.

It was roughly a 4 1/2 hour trip to Rome so the plan was to get there by lunchtime, settle into our accommodation and then possibly some late sightseeing. The weather however had different plans for us!

Approximately an hour into our trip we noticed some seriously ominous dark scary looking clouds. We realised we were in for some rain, however as we drove into a curtain of extremely heavy rain it became apparent that this was no small downpour. Visibility became non existent and we soon had to pull off the road.

At this stage we were still on the main highway and after about 15 minutes, the rain eased up and we were able to move on our way. Not long after turning off the highway the rain again became torrential and the build up of water on the road was beginning to not only be a concern but dangerous. We pulled off the road again, attempting to find a spot that was elevated as all too soon the road was seriously flooding.

Thinking we were in a good spot, we actually found the funny side of the situation, watching the crazy antics of other drivers persisting to drive through the now foot deep flood water. The water levels continued to rise and we quickly had to move again lucky enough to find a higher spot. Five minutes later our previous position was now three feet deep under water!

After another twenty minutes as quick as it came it went away, the rain stopped, the water receded and we were able to continue on our way. All but slowly as the road had been disintegrated by the flash flood and there was quite a bit of debris floating around.

So no harm no foul we kept our toes dry, however ended up in Rome much later than expected. We are staying in an AirBnb property in Rome for three nights, so we gave up the sightseeing plans and decided on an evening of grocery shopping, a home cooked meal, red wine and a favourite James Bond movie to relax.

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