Thursday, 11th September – Bordeaux

A quick five minute walk to the bus stop took us past just an everyday local house which is so typical of this area of France – understated beauty.


The bus took us to the centre of the city in around 15 minutes. From the transport hub, we set off to explore the city, our first stop being the Notre Dame Church. The church actually seemed quite small after all of the gothic monstrosities we had seen, but was no less beautiful. We also walked along the Rue Sainte-Catherine a long smoothly paved pedestrian street for opulent shopping.

IMG_1290IMG_1289 IMG_1306IMG_1316IMG_1345

We came across a large city plaza with an information centre where we researched wine tastings, it was here we were surprised by a group of young people staging a flash mob in front of us – half a dozen or so people frozen in a straight line, all with different poses. They stayed that way for about 10 minutes and then walked off as if nothing had happened!

After organising where to go for our wine tasting, we explored further Bordeaux further, finding one of the largest open plazas in Europe, the Place des Quinconces. In fact, it was so large that a circus had randomly set up in one corner and we walked past camels, lions and elephants.

IMG_1325IMG_1332 IMG_1343IMG_1338IMG_1348

After enjoying a coffee and baguette near the transport hub, we caught a bus back to our apartment. We then drove north enjoying the scenery of the Medoc region for about an hour to our destination the Chateau Dauzac. We had arranged a tour of the estate which included a wine tasting session. The vineyards of Chateau Dauzac cover 40 hectares and there have been grape vines growing there since the 12th century. It was an excellent tour, our guide was a lovely local who had a great sense of humour. We were joined by another couple, an Aussie from Cronulla and his girlfriend from Brazil. It was nice to speak to another Aussie after so long and hear about their adventure touring France in a combi for over a month.

IMG_1378IMG_1384IMG_1395IMG_1396 IMG_1409IMG_1414

On the way back to the apartment we happened across the second place named after a family member, first it was Chateau Beck, this time – Chateau Dillon!

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