Friday, 19th September – Paris

Today was a milestone in our trip as it was our last night in Mainland Europe before we went back to the UK.

It was also the day that we said goodbye to Penny. We had spent 74 days with Penny our Peugeot, she had taken us on the most amazing adventures, and had been patient and perfect (with the exception of that tyre issue in Arles that she could hardly be blamed for), for just over 17,000kms. It actually felt quite sad to be saying goodbye.


We had to drop the car off in La Défense – a major business district of the Paris Metropolitan Area just west of the city. It was a tense drive to the dealership, in Paris traffic just before peak hour wasn’t the best but we negotiated our way through the confusing streets and made it in one piece.

After dropping the car off and filling out the paperwork with relative ease, we set off on the 20 minute stroll to the metro. The business district was very surprising, there were very cool sculptures and buildings and it was interesting to see another side of Paris.


Once we got back to the apartment we had to repack all our bags in readiness to get the Eurostar back to London in the morning. Whilst the morning had not been a lot of fun, lets face it packing is always the pits, we were both looking forward to the afternoon.

Before we left Melbourne to commence our adventure, Bec had done some research to find an English speaking hair salon. We had booked appointments via email. Style Pixie Salon is owned and run by an Aussie expat (from Melbourne), and it was a fabulous experience. It was completely out of the way – we had to change Metro lines three times, but I’m telling you it was well worth it. The service was fantastic, the staff were so friendly and the prices were very reasonable. We walked out of the salon feeling like a million dollars, with great hair!!

After leaving the salon we decided that the perfect way to end our time in Paris, was to go back to the Un Zebre a Montmartre for dinner and some more of that fabulous Bordeaux wine! We stumbled back to the apartment and fell into bed wishing we could stay in Paris for ever.

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