Friday, 7th June – Oslo

Our plans were to spend the entire day at the Norwegian Museum of Cultural History. Unfortunately when we got up the weather had turned again and neither of us were very interested in walking around an open air museum in the rain and mud.

The surreal beauty of watching some brave souls on boats on the fjord goes perfectly with a lazy morning and late breakfast. After, we decided to find a shopping centre and take a look around.  Our cold bag from the long trip wasn’t keeping up in the heat and we wondered if we could find an iconic Aussie esky in Norway.

We headed off to the Lambertseter Senter and enjoyed taking a long drive around to see a bit more of the suburban area. When we got there, we discovered a shop that sold our hallowed esky but in Norwegian was known as a “kjøleboks” or literally, cold box. We stocked up on essentials like wine, had a late lunch and then headed back to the Airbnb.

By 6pm the weather had cleared up, we prepared our lunch and snacks for the next day and settled in to enjoy another lovely sunset.

Not a very big day, however a relaxing one which we both really enjoyed.

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