Saturday, 22nd June – Örnsköldsvik to Lulea

Despite the five hour trip from Örnsköldsvik to Lulea today’s blog is really uneventful.

The weather was not being kind. In fact it was absolutely dreadful. It rained heavily for the entire day and made it impossible to get out of the car and look around, let alone take photos.

The rain did stop briefly and fortunately we found a very weird rest stop to have some lunch so we could get out of the car and stretch our legs.

The break in weather was short lived though and from time to time we had to pull over as the rain was so heavy we couldn’t see.

Eventually we made it to Lulea, our hotel had a laundry room which was awesome because we had a lot of washing to do and our room soon had washing lines up everywhere. We’ve written a blog with tips on how we manage washing on a long holiday – you can read it here.

On a funny note we discovered one of the lifts at the hotel seemed to have a disco theme! It had flashing purple lights and music by Roxette blaring. It was completely out of character for the hotel and we found it very strange.

After hanging up our washing and enjoying an impromptu lift disco, we talked to hotel staff and found that there was a pub close by. We braved the rain and headed there for dinner.

It had been a strange day but we’d still found plenty to laugh at.

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