Saturday, 20th September – Paris to Ely (London)

We had packed everything yesterday and it was a good thing we had. In our infinite wisdom we had celebrated our last night in Paris with one too many bottles of red wine. Sleeping in until the last minute, we met Julien at 10.30am to hand over the keys to the apartment and got in a taxi to Gare du Nord – the train station where we were boarding the Eurostar.

The train station was absolutely beautiful and busy! Approximately 190 million travellers per year pass through Gare du Nord making it the busiest in Europe!


We had plenty of time to get some breakfast, check in, go through customs and board our train by 1.15pm. We were hoping that this Eurostar trip would be uneventful and on time – unlike our first experience.

The trip was perfect arriving back at the London St Pancras station at 2.30pm. We were well on track to pick up the hire car that we would have for the rest of our adventure through the UK. And well, that’s when the wheels almost fell off.

The person on the reservation desk at the hire car company was nervous that we were taking the car into Northern Ireland and on a couple of ferries. We went through the paperwork where we had made these arrangements clear, finally getting confirmation from ‘someone’ over the phone we thought everything would now be sorted. Unfortunately when the poor lady when to assign our car, it appeared it had been marked as not to be re-hired. The other piece of bad news, there were no more cars available for us. Ok at this point, Bec was thinking about plan B, and listing what dear friends we had in London we could approach for emergency accommodation. Two hours later and we were given the keys to our upgraded car – a brand new Audi A4 – thanks!

Leaving London three hours later than expected, we made our way to our next destination – Ely. It was a 2 hour drive, but we were well behind and arriving before sunset was now not going to happen.

It was strange being in a right hand drive vehicle and driving on the ‘other’ side of the road. Isn’t it funny how you quickly become accustomed to something that initially you’d think would always feel wrong.

Arriving in Ely in the dark, we checked into the hotel, walked across the road and had dinner, taking our time looking over our plans for the next day.

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Monday, 7th July – London

After a good sleep we headed out of the hotel and had breakfast, ironically in the American styled ‘Ed’s Easy Diner’.

After breakfast we walked back toward the Kings Cross Train Station. We came across an amazing building St Pancras Renaissance Hotel which was established in 1873.

At Kings Cross Station we visited platform 9 3/4 (Harry Potter fans be jealous now), which was well set up for fans to take photos with Harry’s trunk. The Harry Potter shop whilst small, had some pretty cool merchandise. The store was designed so you felt like you were in Ollivander’s Wand Shop.

Whilst there, we had a quick look through St Pancras International to get familiar with where our Eurostar Train is departing from. We meandered around looking at the shops and different buildings.

We then made our way to The Queen’s Head to have a few drinks and catch up with our mate Elaine. We enjoyed a couple of wines and thought we would settle in for a quiet afternoon/evening catching up.  What we couldn’t have realised is that lovely Elaine had a master plan!

We made our way over to Knightsbridge to have a look through Harrods, of course heading straight to the food court. We were overwhelmed by all the amazing fresh produce and scored some cheeky samples.IMG_6897

Of course when in Harrods, if the shopping gets too much you can always take a rest in the Champagne Bar… It’s tough work this Harrods stuff!

After looking through Harrods Elaine suggested we go to the Mandarin Bar at Mandarin Oriental for her favourite cocktail, The Lawnmower. You may think the matching of vodka, wheatgrass and mint would be an odd combination however, it was truly the most delicious cocktail we’ve ever had.

Whilst we were sipping our cocktails Elaine’s plan was uncovered. She had organised dinner at the Michelin Star restaurant ‘Dinner’ by Heston Blumenthal!

Words can’t sufficiently describe the experience. The menu has been put together based on recipes from historical cookbooks from the 14th to 19th centuries with a modern twist. Every course was served with an accompanying wine.

A stand out was the starter ‘Rice & Flesh’. The menu simplifies this dish as Saffron, Calf Tail & Red Wine but is more aptly described by Elaine as “mouth-gasmic”. Admittedly, we had reservations but put trust in our mate. As a side, Rice & Flesh was originally conceived by the cooks of King Richard II in their 1390 book ‘The Forme of Cury’.

The perfect start was followed by mains of ‘Powdered Duck Breast’ (c.1670), ‘Roast Iberico Pork Chop’ (c.1820) and ‘Cod in Cider’ (c.1940) individually paired with an incredible wine.

Mains were followed by ‘Tipsy Cake’, spit roast pineapple with brioche (c.1810). The finale was ice cream cones made by liquid nitrogen served in front of us on a trolley.

At the end of our meal we were given a tour around the kitchen which was such a great experience.

Dining at the number 5 best restaurant in the world was certainly an incredible start to our holiday adventure. Thanks Elaine for such a perfect day!

2014 European Adventure England

We’ve arrived in London

We finally made it.

After a huge day of travelling, we have arrived in London. This will be the longest time in the air for the whole trip – 23.5 hours! Below is a quick time table of our flight:

  • Left our hotel room at 11:30pm on the (05/07/2014) in a shuttle bus to the departure gate
  • Boarded the flight at 2:40am (06/07/2014) from Melbourne
  • Landed at Kuala Lumpur at 8:45am (06/07/2014) after an 8.5 hour trip
  • Departed Kuala Lumpur at 10.10am (06/07/2014) and arrived at Dubai after a 7.5 hour trip.
  • Left Dubai at 2.15pm (06/07/2014) and arrived at Heathrow at 6.40pm after a 7.5 hour trip.

After getting through immigration and customs without any issues we then caught the tube (Piccadilly Line) to Kings Cross Station St Pancras. This was really easy we used the ticket machine to buy an oyster card and it only cost 3 Pound each.

This was the beautiful view awaiting us outside the tube station.20140706_205324

We then got our first London Cab to the hotel. It was a huge day, we were both exhausted so had a quick bite and crashed out.

Looking forward to exploring the local area and catching up with Elaine tomorrow!

Random Cool Thing of The Day (RCToTD) – Massive butterfly inside KL Departure Lounge – it was about the size of an iPhone.20140706_111907

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