Sunday, 20th July – Hannover to Berlin

At 7.30am it was already 25 degrees we were in for a scorcher, so we were pleased to get an early start as usual.

The city of Hannover was hit hard in World War II due to its location to Berlin and its manufacturing activity at the time. It was a strategic target and the Allies attacked it fiercely, more than 90% of the city centre was destroyed in 88 bombing raids until eventually taken under control by the Allies. The buildings and ruins therefore have many interesting stories, such as the Aegidienkirche built in the 14th Century but not rebuilt, rather kept as a memorial.

The town feels traditional, its buildings and architecture particularly in the old town have not been remodelled nor modernised.

This massive church was in the middle of the Old Town and Keith’s favourite.In nearly every German town there is a Rathaus or Town Hall it generally plays an important part in the Town’s culture, whether it be for daily/weekend markets, concerts, town meetings etc. The Rathaus in Hannover was especially beautiful.

After looking around Hannover it was time to head to Berlin, this was a trip that unfortunately we had to do via the highway as time just wouldn’t permit going an alternative route (3hrs vs 5hrs).

Unfortunately Bec’s ‘plane flu’ had progressed to something more sinister, so once arriving in Berlin and checking into our accommodation for the next three nights, she crashed out. We’ll have an interesting visit to the Doctor tomorrow!


    1. Thanks Hun! Went to the Dr here in Berlin and he was a sweetheart! Wouldn’t let me pay for the consult and keep saying ‘Oh dear’ 🙂 I think he felt sad I was sick on holidays! He gave me done amazing meds and 24 hrs later I’m feeling like I’m finally getting better 😀

    1. It’s a common thing in Europe, couples inscribe their names or initials – it’s like a symbol of the strength of their love. Most countries hate it and in Amsterdam there is a bridge that’s collapsing because of all the extra weight 🙂

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