Friday, 8th August – Warsaw

Warsaw. Beautiful city and too much to do in one day – but we gave it a go.

Up early and out to try and beat the predicted rain for the day. It was overcast and a little drizzly, but not too bad. We saw so many things and took so many photos that I thought it would be easiest to group them together.

The first group of photos consists of random sites around Warsaw, including the Presidential Palace and the Palace of Culture and Science.


On the way to the Old Town part of Warsaw we saw some amazing churches – both on the outside and inside.

IMG_3135IMG_3136IMG_3154 IMG_3158IMG_3164IMG_3161

The first thing we noticed about the old town was the massive wall that surrounded it. This wall has survived medieval times and WWII although has been battered in places. The enormity and age of it is outstanding.


The wall encircles the Old Town part of Warsaw with the Market Place in the centre. We stopped there and had a glass of wine, watching the children getting eaten by pigeons. We also laughed at the orange hat tour group – glad we didn’t enrol on THAT tour!


After leaving the Old Town we walked back to our accommodation via the Warsaw Opera House, a very impressive building.


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