Saturday, 9th August – Warsaw to Krakow

We were up early ready for the trip to the next big city in Poland – Krakow. There was a heavy fog, but it cleared quickly to reveal a beautiful sunny day. A few pictures of the Palace of Culture and Science were appropriate as we packed the car to leave.


Just outside of Warsaw was another building called Wilanow Palace that is highly recommended. We took the trip on the way to Krakow and we were not disappointed. The palace does cost to go in, so we were happy to take photos from the outside and walk the grounds. We even found a little church as we explored.


Trying to enjoy the journey as much as the destination, we stop if we see something cool. Today’s trip had a few stops. The first was at a church in some little town. It was built in 1774 and had been restored quite a bit by the look of it, but on the back of the donations of the poor townsfolk. We managed to get a peek inside since there was a wedding being set up in there.


The next stop was all about a cute church that ended up being about ice cream! There is a local delicacy called “lody” which is vanilla ice cream swirled with strawberry gelato into a cone. Delicious – and just what we needed to break up the trip. As we sat in a local park eating our ice creams, we saw a wedding about to start at the nearby church. Strangely the bride and the bridal party seemed to walk their way to the church, all the locals came out of their homes and shops to cheer them on as they walked past.


We eventually got to Krakow and checked into our hotel, it was only 15 minutes from the old town, so we headed off to take a quiet walk around.


We did hit a slight hitch when we got inside the massive old town city gates, the Tour de Pologne. It’s a massive bicycle race similar to the Tour de France, but around Poland. The town square had a bike track set up through it and thousands of people had turned up for the race!


However, whilst the majority of people were busy watching the cycling, we managed to sneak into the nearby sights and have a great look around. The following photos are of the Church of the Virgin Mary and Wawei Royal Castle – and a troupe of traditional dancers.


Exhausted at the end of a long day, we sat down and had dinner at one of the many restaurants on the square and watched the clean up and deconstruction of the cycling infrastructure.


  1. haha it’s been pretty warm here Lozz! When we were in Norway they had the hottest day since 1976 – 36 degrees 🙂

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