Monday, 11th August – Roznava to Budapest

It’s close to a month and a half since we started this journey and if you’ve been following the blog, you’ll know that we haven’t rested for a second, but have been going full on the whole time.

Today we decided that we were just getting burnt out.

We slept in, left at a reasonable hour and then took the shortest route possible from Roznava to Budapest. Arriving in Budapest around 1pm we had some lunch at a nearby pub and checked in to our AirBnb apartment. We did some washing, shopping and by the time we had done this, it was getting well into the evening.

The executive decision was made to catch up on admin and have an early night – that way, we could manage a full day seeing as much of Budapest as possible the next day.

Because of this, we actually didn’t take any photos at all, so there are none to post! However, we’ll more than make up for it tomorrow – we promise!


  1. You guys are troopers! I don’t know how you haven’t crashed out at all 🙂 Love following your blog – it’s like i’m there with you guys! xxxx

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