Tuesday, 12th August – Budapest (The Pest Side)

After a really nice relaxing evening we woke up feeling super refreshed and excited to explore!

Our day in Budapest was so huge, so we’ve split it into three parts.

The city of Budapest is split in half by the Danube River. The west bank of the river is the Buda side – the older and more historic side. The east bank is the home of the Pest (pronounced Pesht) side which is the newer side housing the political and business side of the city. Together, the city is called Budapest.

We started exploring the Pest side first, starting with the train station and then parliament, along the Danube past the Margaret Bridge.

Train Station:


Margaret Bridge:IMG_3774

We had heard that the Parliament Building was amazing, but were definitely not prepared for the size of it! It was huge and so beautiful. We took ages walking around its perimeter and having a good look at the gothic architecture.


We continued our walk along the Danube until we reached the Chain Bridge. By this stage we had already seen a hint of what was to come on the Buda side of the city. These photos were taken on the bridge as we walked across.

The bridge itself was incredible, everything in Budapest seems to be on a massive scale we felt very small as we walked across it taking in the view, enjoying the beautiful breeze. It sounds like a movie and we felt like we were in a fairy tale. This city has an incredibly happy feel to it and we found ourselves grinning like fools at each other and well.loving our life sick!


This was shaping up to be one of the more memorable days of our European adventure.


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