Tuesday, 12th August – Budapest (At night)

On the way back to the apartment we had a couple more stops to make on the Pest side.

St Stephen’s Basilica is a Catholic Church named in honour of Stephen, the first King of Hungary. Another amazing church with the most incredibly decorated ceilings.


Virtually everywhere you look in Budapest there is an amazing building or statue to look at, this is part of a journey you can’t plan. The walk back to the apartment took much longer than it should have because we just kept stumbling across amazing things. Including the Book Cafe Lotz Terem, looks like a normal book shop until you go to the cafe on the top floor!


Finally reached the apartment, in time for a quick shower and then off we went to our night cruise on the Danube. We made it just in time for the 8pm cast off, it was only an hour long cruise but the beauty of it was that we went in a loop and were lucky enough to see the progressive lighting up of the city. We thought Budapest was amazing by day, we were blown away by how different it looks by night. The lights on the old buildings were amazing giving the buildings the impression that they were made from gold!


What an incredibly huge day, we didn’t want it to end. We have absolutely fallen in love with this city and could have stayed forever.


  1. Oh I love the night time photos. You’re right the buildings look like they are made of gold the way they are lit up. Stunning!!!

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