Thursday, 14th August – Bratislava

This morning for the first time since we left home it was actually kind of chilly (don’t worry, it didn’t last all day).

Wandering around the streets of Bratislava, we felt that it was a shame in a way that we had just come from Budapest, it just didn’t seem fair to compare the two towns. The old town part of Bratislava is much grittier and less maintained than Budapest – but still has some fantastic little curving streets and lots of history. Some of the buildings were quite large and elaborate and parts of the old wall were easy to find.

The hotel we stayed at was wedged between a castle and a brewery, with the old town across the road.


All in all we didn’t have a lot to see in Bratislava on our list, so after getting a coffee and some breakfast we decided to start on our way to Vienna.

On our way from Slovakia we spotted this massive castle just sitting quietly on a hill. We pulled over to take some photos, but couldn’t work out if it was open to tourists.IMG_4536As we crossed the border into Austria, we took the back roads to see as much as we could. The photo below was an example of the tiny little towns with amazing buildings that are hardly ever on the map!IMG_4537

After travelling for a couple of hours we reached Vienna! We were a little ahead of schedule and so begun our sightseeing straight away, our experience in Vienna continues in the next blog.

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