Saturday, 16th August – Vienna to Prague

Time to move on to another new country! Today we drove from Vienna to Prague in the Czech Republic. There is some organisation required when driving into a new country, firstly we have to read up on the road rules, the toll or road tax requirements and also ensure we have the right currency ready. We’ve definitely learnt to appreciate that the formation of the European Union has meant that the majority of countries in our itinerary use one currency now – the Euro.

Today we opted to take the highway route as it was the difference of about two hours. Unfortunately this meant it was a pretty boring trip up until we crossed the border. To be honest it was all a bit weird. All of a sudden it was like we had driven into a mini Las Vegas – Casinos, Strip Clubs, Duty Free shops and strange looking Theme Parks.


After stopping to look around the spectacle we purchased our Road Tax sticker and made tracks to our first stop of the day – the Sedlec Chapel.

Now the Sedlec Ossuary isn’t for everyone, in fact Bec wasn’t really a fan whilst Keith thought it was awesome. It has some really interesting history, in the mid 14th century, during the Black Death pandemic many thousands of people were buried in the Church grounds. Because of its ‘popularity’, around 1400, a church was built in the centre of the cemetery, with the intent to move the mass graves to the lower level ossuary. It is said that the task of exhuming the skeletons of an estimated 40,000 people was given to a monk and in 1870, František Rint, a woodcarver, was employed to finalise the Ossuary’s design.

IMG_4969IMG_4971IMG_4979 IMG_4982

We then had some lunch and headed on to Prague, we had an apartment about ten minutes (by tram) outside the city and after collecting the keys and settling in we did a stack of washing and enjoyed an early night catching up on some well needed sleep.


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