Friday, 22nd August – Gruyères to Geneva

Our next stop on the way to Geneva was a city called Gruyères (of the cheese fame). The city itself is basically built around a castle – Saint-Germain Castle – and now houses many restaurants and other shops catering to tourists. It is a very cute little town and has spectacular views of the surrounding mountains.


Saint-Germain Castle was acquired in 1998 by the late artist H.R. Giger and it currently houses an art gallery/museum of his work. This was the real reason we were in Gruyères – the cheese was a bonus!


Next to the gallery there is also a coffee shop that has been fitted out in Giger inspired designs.

IMG_7159IMG_7158    IMG_7156

Once we’d looked through the Giger exhibition and had a cheese platter for lunch we left Gruyères and  continued on to Geneva.

Geneva was our last stop in Switzerland and a fantastic one. As we strolled around Geneva in the fading light, the sunset was amazing! We also found a square where some of the cobblestones had been replaced with illuminated ones, they contained slogans in different languages. We also had dinner in the old town and strolled around the trendy part of town as well.

IMG_7178IMG_7191IMG_7203   IMG_7215IMG_7186IMG_7217IMG_7219


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