Friday, 22nd August – Zurich to Jungfraujoch

Up early and excited as today we would be driving amongst some of the most beautiful parts of Switzerland. Our first destination was Jungfraujoch via Grindelwald, a small town in the Swiss Alps where the view of the Jungfrau was noted as being one of the best vantage points.

We were not disappointed, the country side was absolutely breathtaking and the Swiss chalets just so story book. It truly was the most beautiful drive we’ve experienced so far.

IMG_6780IMG_6803 IMG_6802IMG_6799 IMG_6794 IMG_6841IMG_6793

We’d driven up some pretty steep mountains in Norway, but on the way to Grindelwald we set our record at 1510m above sea level. Jungfrau the mountain was super impressive as soon as we started to get first glimpses of it in the distance. The photos below are the pictures we took from Grindelwald/Jungfraujoch, pretty much as close as you can get to the mountain without actually taking the rail or ski lift up.

IMG_6843IMG_6901   IMG_6897IMG_6889 IMG_6877IMG_6861 IMG_6855IMG_6852IMG_6870

Once we’d had a coffee and taken a million photos we headed off to Lauterbrunnen to see the Staubbach Falls.

Switzerland was turning it on for us today, we saw parachuters, base jumpers and helicopters as we indulged in some Swiss Chocolate and a coffee in Lauterbrunnen overlooking the Falls.

It’s hard to imagine but both Keith and I spent about half an hour sipping our coffee and not saying a word, what we were seeing and experiencing just didn’t seem real.IMG_7010 IMG_6916IMG_6961IMG_6940IMG_7024

We tore ourselves away from our view and continued on our journey to Gruyeres. One of the lakes we drove around on the way, Lake Thun, was amazing, the water was crystal clear.

Such a strange day for us weather wise, as expected chilly in the mountains and as we made our way down we quickly did an outfit change to accommodate another gorgeous sunny warm day.

IMG_7028 IMG_7098IMG_7075IMG_7067 IMG_7059IMG_7045IMG_7042

Very soon we came around a corner and saw something amazing in the distance! Here is a sneak peek of Gruyeres!



  1. I stayed a couple of nights in Grindelwald and went up Jungfrau Mountain. It was the first time I’d been in snow on a mountain. It is a very pretty town with gorgeous picture book houses. Love the photos.

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