Tuesday, 21st May – Bern

We had scheduled two nights in Bern so this morning we had the luxury of sleeping in. Tram 9 right out the front of the hotel took us into the Old Town just after peak hour.

The Bern City Map outlined a city walking tour (Stadtrundgang) which we followed. Here are the highlights of our day.

Kornhausplatz and the view from the Kornhausbrücke

Ogre Fountain (Kindlifresserbrunnen)

Clock Tower (Zytglogge)

Einstein House

Nydegg Church

The Nydegg Bridge and Bear Park

Bern Cathedral (Münsterkirche)

Einstein au Jardin – where we had morning tea in the gardens near the Cathedral

Parliament Building (Bundeshaus) which leads to Parliament Square (Bundesplatz) – where we had lunch at the Storchen Bakery and looked through the markets.

Prison Tower (Käfigturm)

Bern is known as the city of fountains with over 100 of them staged across the city, some dating back to 1550. Here are some of Keith’s favourites.

We then completed the loop back to Kornhauspltaz catching the tram back to the hotel.

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