Monday, 3rd June – Lubeck to Malmö

We woke up to an incredible sunrise, it was a good sign as today we finally started to make our way into Scandinavia. An interesting trip, it included a ferry, the second longest bridge in Europe and crossing through 3 countries.

Our first step was driving for an hour from Lubeck to the Puttgarden Ferry Terminal (Puttgarden Fährbahnhof). We had prepaid for our 45 minute ferry trip with Scandlines that would take us from Germany to Rødby, Denmark and paid a little extra for priority boarding. With absolute efficiency our passports and tickets were checked, the car parked and we were making our way up to the ferry cabin.

Crossing borders meant that there was duty free shopping and we watched loads of alcohol being purchased and then loaded in cars. (Note: Later as we were travelling through Norway we regretted not doing the same as the price of wine was extraordinary!) However, Bec did find her favourite hard-to-get perfume so she was very happy.

Before we knew it we were driving off the ferry having reached the Rødbyhavn in Denmark. We could pack the Euro’s away for a while now. We had not planned any time in Denmark this trip so the second step of our trip today was the 2 hour drive through to Malmö, Sweden.

To get to Malmö we had to use the Øresund Bridge. It’s the second longest bridge in Europe and is a 16km combined road and rail connection between Denmark and Sweden. It has 3 sections –  bridge, artificial island and tunnel. The approximate 10 minute journey is not cheap, 63 Euro, approximately $103AUD. However, it really is quite the experience even though there is no alternative.

Picture: By Nick-D – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0

We eventually arrived at our hotel our first Scandic for this holiday. It was a lovely hotel with a very impressive restaurant and so we had a great Linner and then spent the rest of the night relaxing and refining plans for the next few days.

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