Tuesday, 4th June – Malmö to Trollhättan

Today was a very exciting day for Keith – we got up super early to make the four hour trip to Trollhättan. You won’t find the city on many tourist sites, but that’s not why Keith was excited. The city is the home to the factory and head office were they built Saab cars. Keith’s car was born in Trollhättan.

Over the years it obviously became the perfect town to house a museum to the famous Swedish car. Every year there is a huge meeting where people come from all over the world to celebrate Saabs, swap parts and stories and visit the museum.

Since the museum had limited opening hours we took the most direct route via the highway only stopping for short breaks to ensure we got to the Museum with plenty of time for Keith to explore.

The Saab Museum showed the history of the vehicle over the years across two stories with lots of exhibits.

As you can see from the photos, there were many different Saab models but the one below (1960 Saab 93F) was Bec’s absolute favourite – maybe there is hope I can bring her over to the Saab-side?

After we’d looked through the museum we made our way to the town centre and our hotel. We were both starving so set out to try and find somewhere to have lunch. It was such a pretty town and they certainly embraced their association with Saab.

We had a delicious lunch at Strandgatans Bistro which was a pub/cafe on the river bank. On the way walking through the city, we also saw a cool mural.

Walking along both sides of the canal on a sunny day in cooler temperatures was amazing. We loved the  beautiful park full of interesting sculptures, flowers and birds.


Trollhättan was a convenient place to have a large car factory. The river that runs through the town leads all the way down to the channel between Sweden and Denmark and so they can transport lots of cars at once all around the world. To accommodate the huge ships that could go through, many of the bridges open. We were lucky enough to see a drawbridge that opened to let a number of cargo ships and yachts through.

Since we’ve explored this part of Sweden before, we’d decided that tomorrow we would go straight through to Oslo.

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