Wednesday, 5th June – Trollhättan to Oslo

Today we made the 4 1/2 hour trip out of Sweden towards Oslo, Norway’s capital.

It wasn’t long before we were driving through some gorgeous country side full of unusual wild flowers and beautiful rivers and fjords. We were on wildlife watch as well, both of us were so keen to see a moose this trip.

To preserve the extensive history of the area, “The Ancient Trail” has been set up and maintained for tourists. This trail includes the Solberg rock carvings. They depict the creation of the Nordic religion from the Bronze Age. Carvings include those of four wheeled carry wagons, both a large and small tree, Gods, sun pictures and more.

The next historical site we came across was the Hunn Stone Rings.

On the surface of this area are graves and rock art, beneath are the remains of houses and fields. There are burial cairns (stone stacks), flat graves and standing stones. Archaeological evidence suggests it was an Iron Age meeting place. Along with the several burial grounds fortification remains can also be found.

Standing amongst the stones from a bygone era gives you a feeling of perspective, respect and a little bit of magic.

First destination not far from the border is a little town called Fredrikstad. The city centre is on the west bank of the The Glomma (or Glåma) which, at a total length of 621 kms is Norway’s longest river.

The old town however is inside a bastion fort (with a very distinctive star shape) and is Northern Europe’s best preserved fortified town.

The fortified old town is what had attracted us to this destination, so after Keith completed his mission to get some coins for the car park we began exploring this really pretty destination, taking the path around the moat. (Tip for rookies – take coins!)

The city ferry (Byfergen) runs between the old and new town and is free.

After walking around the moat path we made our way into the Old Town had a forgettable lunch before heading back to the car.

We left Fredrikstad and finished our long journey to Oslo. By the time we arrived the weather was turning however the view from our AirBnb across the Oslofjord was still impressive. Once unpacked we visited the local supermarket, stocking up as this was our home for the next three nights and we were looking forward to some home cooked meals.

Unfortunately no Moose!

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