Sunday, 9th June – Kragerø to Farsund

When planning the trip we wanted to average around 4 hours driving per day. This allows for the most sightseeing without spending all our time in the car.

Today’s trip was right on average at about 4 and a half hours but we packed a lot in to the day! Our drive followed the coast line from Kragerø to Farsund. We headed towards the Ravnedalen Valley Nature Park, about half way into the trip, and the journey to get there was beautiful.

The Ravnedalen Valley Nature Park in Kristiansand was founded in 1876 by Major General Joseph Frantz Oscar Wergeland and his troops with financial assistance from the community. There is a statue commemorating the Major General near the lake. The valley was changed from a marsh and swamp area into a gorgeous garden and parkland. There is a cafe at the Park and we enjoyed a fantastic burger for lunch before making our way to our next stop only 15 minutes away.

Our next stop was the Cannon Museum. The museum was in the Møvik Fort which was constructed between 1941 and 1944 by the German Navy. Together with four other coastal batteries, it formed a part of the Kristiansand Artillery Group. Møvik Fort was built to obstruct Allied naval forces by blocking the Skagerrak strait and the seaways to Eastern Norway, the Kattegatt Bay, the Baltic Sea and the Baltic Region.

Unfortunately the museum was closed for renovations however we could walk around the Fortress Trail and enjoy the spectacular views. Keith investigated a bit further for the photos below.

We left Kristiansand making our way to Spangereid. Although not a common tourist destination there is an interesting canal that runs down the centre of the town. The canal links two stunning fjords –  Lehnefjorden and Njervefjorden.

Another reason we had added this area to our itinerary was to check out the incredible new underwater restaurant in Lindesnes, “Under”. The largest underwater restaurant in the world is cantilevered on an angle that puts the dining room 5.5 metres below sea level. Construction of the restaurant began in 2016 and it was completed and opened in March 2019 with 7,500 bookings already made. This unique restaurant cost 70 million Norwegian Krona or just under $11M AUD to build!

The weather was perfect and we enjoyed the last leg of today’s trip around gorgeous Fjords and tunnels through the mountains.

The day ended with us admiring the view from our hotel room balcony.

Unfortunately still no Moose!

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