Monday, 10th June – Farsund to Stavanger

Today was going to be about taking our time. We took our time to eat breakfast and drink in the view. We also took our time in driving to our final destination of Stavanger because there was going to be a lot to see on the way.

After leaving our hotel we stopped on the edge of the beautiful local fjord at Farsund, taking some photos.

We had only just left the hotel, but we found a look out that afforded amazing views over the Sellegrodsfjorden and Sellegrod Nature Reserve.

Our first official stop on our itinerary today was the town of Flekkefjord. It was only an hour away from the hotel but it took us much longer than that because the scenery was just spectacular. It’s sometimes hard to concentrate on the road driving through areas like this!

Norwegian legend speaks of trolls – great monsters that turn to stone when they are hit by sunlight. Once we knew about this, we saw them everywhere. If you look closely at the picture below can you see them too?

The Fedafjordbru (Fedafjord Bridge) is a very impressive bridge that joins two tunnels in mountains over a fjord. We found a lookout nearby and stopped to take in the view framed by the bridge.

We soon found ourselves in the cute city of Flekkefjord. Amsterdam in the Netherlands was built on oak transported from the port here. In fact, the main part of the old city still reflects its heritage and is known as the Dutch Quarter. The little wooden buildings and century old main road were fun to wander through.

Ten minutes outside of Flekkefjord  just before the Lavolltunnelen (Lavoll Tunnel) there is a fantastic rest area that has its own waterfall. We stopped to take a few photos noting that we had seen so many camping cars (motor homes) and caravans on the road today. It wasn’t  surprising given that we were getting closer to the summer holidays here in Norway.

We made this a lunch stop before continuing on to Stavanger. Today’s drive was very picturesque and we stopped a lot to take some photos and look around at this beautiful part of the world.

Just outside of Stavanger is the Hafrsfjord, an important location in Norway’s history. In the late 800s King Harald Fairhair became the first king of all Norway at The Battle of Hafrsfjord. It was a huge viking ship battle that resulted in the unification of Norway.  The monument in the picture below known as Sverd I fjell or Swords in Rock, was commissioned by King Olav V of Norway in 1983 to commemorate the historic battle.

We arrived in Stavanger quite late. Sunset wasn’t scheduled until nearly 11pm so we took advantage of that and made our way into the town centre. Though it was still very light, only restaurants were open. We choose a nice Irish Pub, had a lovely dinner and just relaxed.

When we got back to our hotel we spent the last few hours of our evening relaxing in the wonderfully heated, but weirdly lit, indoor pool.

Still no Moose!

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