Saturday, 29th June – Tromsø to Sørkjosen

We awoke this morning to some sun! As we commenced our 3 1/2 hour journey to Sørkjosen it was good to be able to see some of the scenery the dreadful weather yesterday had hidden.

We briefly stopped at a rest stop in Nordkjosbotn for some morning tea. The dark clouds appeared behind us and just as we packed up and got back in the car it started to rain lightly – good timing!

Though we had no scheduled stops on our trip today we took our time to enjoy some of the random beauty that we found on the way.

We eventually arrived at the hotel and after checking in we decided to make the 10 minute drive to Storslett. There were a number of different cafes and restaurants to choose from there to have dinner. We picked one and as we were eating our meal, fortuitously by a window, we couldn’t believe our eyes – it was snowing!

The family sitting next to us noticed our reaction. We started chatting to them answering their questions about where we came from and where we’d been on holidays. They told us that it was a weird time of the year for it to be snowing. Keith ran out to the car to grab the camera and take some photos.

After dinner we made the 10 minute drive back to the hotel and within an hour you’d never have believed that we’d just watched a mild snow storm. The view from our room over the Reisafjord was beautiful.

The concept of midnight sun is so unfamiliar to us living in Australia. Tonight the sun wouldn’t actually set at all, it drops lower on the horizon but as the photo below shows, it never actually gets dark. This picture was taken at 10.30pm from our hotel room window.

What a weird day: sun, rain, snow and midnight sun!

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