Tip: The Car Kit

When undertaking a driving holiday, particularly when you’re in another country, it’s incredibly important to understand the road rules and regulations of each country you’ll be visiting.

Different countries not only have different rules such as the use of headlights, acceptable blood/alcohol content/limits etc but often there are also mandatory equipment laws. For example in France you must have not only a breathalyser but also a warning triangle and visibility vest in your car at all times.

We’ve found that the majority of hire car companies have the warning triangle but other requirements are your responsibility.

To ensure we have what we need inside the car at all times we pack what we call our Car Kit.

Everything is therefore in one place and packed so it can be easily stored in the car’s glove box. When we return the car it’s also a simple way of repacking these items to be placed in the appropriate suitcase.

Our Car Kit contains a visibility vest, breathalyser, international driving permits, car phone holder, phone chargers and double usb cigarette lighter attachment.

We’d recommend creating a Car Kit not just for international holidays but also for your car at home.


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