Tip: Washing on long holidays

When we go away for a longer holiday or extended adventure we pack some standard washing accessories.

Our washing gear consists of two peg-less washing lines, a number of washing bags and some pegs.

The peg-less washing line is really versatile, not only can you use the suction caps but they can be removed and the line can be tied or hooked on to a number of different surfaces – doors, window frames, shower screens etc.

We pack a small number of pegs because although the line can be used peg-less, we found that it doesn’t work as well. Additionally, sometimes places we stay at will have a drying rack but no pegs!

When we’ve relocated overseas for work or been on a longer holiday adventure we have always purchased what we call our ‘Octopus’.

They are usually easily found in most discount stores, Ikea or home stores and quite cheap.

The ‘Octopus’ is the keeper of our socks. An easy way to get socks dry it can be hung easily, even on the back of a chair and in the back of the car if needed.

This particular photo shows the aptly named “Doctor Sock-topus” from our 2019 European Adventure.

Carrying these items around may seem extreme to some, however it enables us to pack less clothes and use laundromats which are a far cheaper option than using hotel laundry services.

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