Tip: Picnic Gear

Along with the “Cube” when we go away for the weekend or a long term holiday/adventure we also pack our picnic gear. Over the years we’ve refined what we pack, particularly for overseas trips when luggage weight and space is limited.

Our picnic gear consists of collapsible dinner set (plate, bowl, cup), cutlery set, sharp knife, cutting board, bottle opener, small tongs, tea towel and small table cloth. We also take a few bag sealers which have proven over time to be really useful.

We also usually pack a cold bag or small esky.

When on a longer driving holiday we usually make our own lunches and rest stop snacks. Not only is it a great way to save money, it’s much healthier than eating out all the time. It’s also extremely advantageous if the weather is poor and you’re in the middle of a long day driving.

Over the years we’ve really enjoyed the freedom to be able to pull over and eat a meal when it suits us.

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